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I would really like to thank Hannes for this day. I always thought finances is a really boring world with people with pens and calculators. For me the financial world was a closed world, but Hannes opened it up and I really think it is worth your while to come to a course like this, experience how you can be free, and be set free in the Financial World. Thank You!



I was so excited to attend this course. This is really what I needed at this time, and I am very excited. I am really sure that I will be debt free very soon, and I will be able to buy more property. Thank you very much Mr Hannes. I am so glad I attended your course. May God bless you!



I now have a plan to get out of what seems to be a hopeless situation. For the 1st time since the interest rates start to go up, I have a clear workable plan to survive and even better! Get out of debt.



I’ve learned a simple way of accelerating my debt payments. It was interesting to see how to find ways of repaying debt.

Hannes Van Den Berg


Clear indication that there is a process to be financially independent. I realized how we are badly affected by not taking ownership of our own financial intelligence.



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